Friday, September 14, 2012

Startup Thinks Real Sex Can Sell

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Entrepreneur Cindy Gallop laments today’s selection of Internet porn. Her startup seeks to make “real-life porn” a socially acceptable staple.

In 2009, Gallop gave a TED Talk explaining a phenomenon she’s experienced dating men in their twenties. Gallop, now 52, says Internet porn has become de-facto sex education, teaching young men that “real sex” should look like the sex they see performed by professional actors (her TED Talk includes graphic examples of the behaviors she’s encountered). Gallop isn’t anti-pornography, admitting to Mashable that she “loves porn” and “thinks it’s great,” but she believes there’s a fundamental issue with porn as default sex education. Though porn existed before the Internet, Gallop says porn has achieved unprecedented accessibility through the Internet.

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